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Making Love Mix

Columbia County, New York  I  Wednesday, 21 February 2018

On my birthday, February 14th, My Copper Kitchen turned three years old!

A few weeks before the anniversary date, I took a look back at my first few posts, the ones I launched on  February 14th, 2015.

One of them was called Valentine’s Day Candy Dishes, so I decided to revisit this idea, and re-incorporate it into my  blog, but in a different, updated way.

I feel like I’ve matured and grown since then (thankfully!), and so have my ideas and the quality of my blogposts.

So, I didn’t want to just repeat the same thing, with better quality photos, I wanted to use the old idea as a springboard, but come up with something new, a different idea, which more accurately reflects who I am now, in 2018.

When I first moved here, back to Columbia County, in October of 2016, I started going to the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store a lot.

On my very first visit, in July of 2015, I discovered how much I love their salt bagels, made at their on-site bakery.

My sister and I also really like their maple ginger cashews, which are processed at nearby Tierra Farm. Problem is, a small, square box of these cashews costs $7.99, and they’re quite addictive. We can easily polish off a whole box in one sitting!

Anyhoo, I started thinking awhile back about using the cashews in a trail mix, to stretch them out further. The idea kind of snowballed, and this is what I came up with.

I probably won’t make Love Mix on a regular basis, since it has so many ingredients. But it was a really nice treat for my own birthday month, and I’ve given away a few bags of it, so far.

The red gummy hearts and black anise bears are what I decided to use for Valentine’s Day, but you could easily modify it for any other season or holiday.

For example, in the fall, throw in candy corn or gummy pumpkins. For Easter, how about some Jelly Belly jelly beans? And during the Christmas holidays, try some small, brightly colored gumdrops, spearmint leaves, or gumdrop wreaths!

Once you’ve stirred up a huge bowl of the stuff, put some into Ziploc bags, and leave ’em in a small tote bag in your car (unless it’s blazing-hot summertime, then don’t do this, of course). Whenever you feel like giving a spur-of-the-moment gift to someone, voila, you’re all set!

Use your imagination! Then, let me know what you come up with, by sharing your pix on the Facebook page, My Copper Kitchen Celebrations!

Corn Chex cereal
Pretzel twists
Dark chocolate chips (I prefer Hershey’s Kitchen)
White chocolate chips
Twizzlers red licorice (cut into pieces)
Maple ginger cashews
Lightly salted cashews
Dried papaya spears (cut into pieces)
Dried apricots (cut in half)
Dried pineapple
Dried cranberries (orange-flavored)

Mini Shredded Wheat (strawberry-flavored)
Red gummy hearts
Black anise bears

The maple ginger cashews are available from
Tierra Farm, in Valatie, New York.
Organic Maple Ginger Cashews

The black anise bears are from
Vasilow’s Confectionery, in Hudson, New York.

The orange-flavored dried cranberries are from
Hawthorne Valley Farm, in Harlemville, New York.
(I don’t think you can buy them online through Hawthorne Valley, so just substitute regular dried cranberries if you can’t find the orange-flavored ones.)

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