Firefly Forest

Columbia County, New York I Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Lately, I’ve often found myself driving home around dusk, and I’ve discovered one area of my road which is especially magical.

When I drive down German Settler Road, and right before I reach Stone Bridge Road, there is an area off to the side which is heavily wooded with tall, thin, deciduous trees. They’re fairly close together, and so tall that only a glimpse of fading daylight is visible at the tops of the trees.

Dusk. This is the best time to see the fireflies. I often pull off to the side of the road for a few minutes, and just sit there in my car, entranced. It’s the perfect time, it really is.

It’s not dark enough yet that I can’t make out the faint outlines of the trees, towering tall, shadowy and mysterious. But it’s just dark enough so I can see the fireflies, beginning their evening dance, flitting and flickering around in the forest.

I’ve driven home earlier, and I’ve driven home later, and it’s just not the same. The perfect time to see the fireflies is when they dance at dusk.