From My Windows

Columbia County, New York I Monday, 3 June 2019

I saw a few fun things from my windows last week!

One morning, as I was peering out the west window, watching like I usually do to see Thing 2 get on the school bus, I saw the cutest thing. A family of geese was marching right down the road. Thing 2 saw them too, and he walked slowly and quietly down the driveway, so as not to scare them off too quickly.

There was a mama and a papa, and in between, seven little geese. They were marching in a straight line, cute as can be. Perhaps they were headed off to their own school for the day?

And a few days before this, I was sitting at my little kitchen table, when I saw a deer chasing two squirrels across the north lawn, towards the road. And boy, were those squirrels booking it, to outrun the deer. I wasn’t able to get Thing 2 to the window in time for this, but later on that night, he directed my attention out the window, yet again.

There was a big ole groundhog over by the forsythia bush, the one we joke would look cute dancing around in a yellow bikini. It was being persecuted by a pesky robin. The bird kept after the groundhog, darting and dashing directly at its back, until it chased that groundhog out of sight.

Thing 2 thought maybe the groundhog was getting too close to a nest of baby birds, and the mama was trying to scare it away. Perhaps!

Isn’t nature grand? What have you seen lately that’s neat?