Gifts from God to Me

Columbia County, New York I Friday, 15 February 2019

Yesterday was my birthday, so last night Thing 2 and I headed out to our favorite sandwich shop, for dinner.

But first, before we got in the car, I noticed how gorgeously the snow was shining.

Earlier in the week, we’d gotten about 3 1/2″ of snow, and then freezing rain on top of it all. The result was so pretty, I wish you could’ve seen it!

I don’t have a photo, except the one in my head. It was getting dark, and besides, I’m not sure a picture could even capture it. So try to see it in your mind.

There was an icy-hard, shimmering crust across all the lawns, unbroken by even the usual deer tracks in the snow.

As far as you could see, there was a wide expanse of the smoothest of snow, glistening and glowing in the dusk of day.

Thing 2 took great pleasure in breaking off some chunks of snow and skimming them across the ice crust. They skated and skittered on the surface of the snow, so smoothly!

The snow ice was so magical, I want to remember how it looked, forever. And my child, with his delight over such a simple, beautiful thing? Gifts from God to me.