The Kids’ Christmas Ornaments 2018

Columbia County, New York I Monday, 31 December 2018

Here it is, end of December, and I haven’t shown you the ornaments I got for Thing 1 and Thing 2!

I looked online quite a bit this year, and found some I liked a lot on Etsy, but somehow I didn’t spring for them, and kept looking in stores.

There was this one day, I looked in a million stores, to the point of exhaustion. I went to Hallmark, Peebles, Jo-Ann, CVS, Walgreen, Rite Aid, Five Below, TJ Maxx, and Dollar Tree.

When I finally rolled into that one store, the one which starts with W, I wanted to jump on a sharp stick, I was so tired and cranky.

And there they were. I was headed, once again, to the Christmas decoration section, when I screeched to a halt in front of an endcap of Hallmark greeting cards. There was one with three finger puppets on it: a reindeer, Santa, and snowman, and they were all really cute.

I debated the finger puppet aspect of it all. Would I have to wrap one of those silver wire ornament hangers around each hat to get them to hang on the tree?

After I took the card out of its protective clear envelope and examined the puppets, I determined if I carefully opened up each puppet, there would be room to place the tip of the tree limb inside, so the puppet could stand straight up. Yay!

Once I saw the ornaments on the tree, a few days later, all the frustration and exhaustion of looking for them melted away into happiness.

Aren’t they adorable? Yes, I think they really are…