Familiar Frosty Mugs

Columbia County, New York  I  Thursday, 9 August 2018

A few years ago, I got a bunch of glasses like these at Deseret Industries in Logan, Utah.

I’d been wanting some thick-walled glasses with handles which I could put in the fridge to get nice and chilled for sodas or root beer floats.

You’ve had a cold drink in a plastic glass, of course. It’s okay, I guess, but an actual glass is so much prettier, feels better to the hand, and seems to keep your drink cold that much longer.

Anyways, these glasses are packed away, and now we use some other glasses, tall ones without handles. All my mugs with handles are short ones, though, and better for things like a cup of hot chocolate or herb tea.

The other day I stopped into a thrift store I don’t usually go to, because they’re going out of business, and have huge banners advertising 50% to 70% off.

I found a couple of good vintage cookbooks, some Trixie Beldens, and lo and behold, two mugs just like the ones I used to have. I got them for 50 cents apiece, and brought them home!

I didn’t want Thing 2 to see the mugs  just yet. We’d been talking about those glasses just a couple of days ago, and I kind of missed them. Maybe he did, too?

I washed them very thoroughly, and put them in the fridge to chill, and yesterday I made root beer floats for Thing 2 and me. He hadn’t seen the glasses yet, because I hid them in the fridge, in a spot he wouldn’t find them.

I didn’t say anything about the mugs, because I wanted to see if he would notice. First thing he said when he came in the kitchen and saw the two tall, frosty, root beer floats sitting temptingly on the table was, “Gee, those glasses look familiar!”

Do you remember my post about my new set of Oneida Oceanic silverware I got at Goodwill? I mentioned it came with some iced tea spoons in a different pattern? The long-handled spoons worked great in our floats!

So, on a very hot day in the dead of August, Thing 2 and I enjoyed our deliciously cold root beer floats, in our new, old, familiar and frosty glasses.