My First Veggie Garden, update two

Columbia County, New York  I  Monday, 18 June 2018

My garden is green and growing and doing so well!

In the photo above, you can see one of my tomato plants, in its rusty old cage, up against the weathered white boards of our house.

I just love those cute little yellow blossoms!

Look at the middle left! Do you see those three little tomatoes? I’ve counted about 20 tomatoes coming.

In case you’re wondering what all that white stuff is, down on the ground, it’s crushed-up eggshells. My father says tomato plants like the calcium from eggshells.

And heaven knows I’ve got plenty of ’em. I’ve discovered my picky little eater, Thing 2, likes over easy eggs for breakfast. And on his first day of summer vacation, I taught him how to cook one himself. It turned out perfectly!

So, I rinse the eggshells after I make our morning eggs or bake a cake, and keep the cracked shells in a separate container from my other compost. When it gets full, I take it out to the garden, crush them up a bit, and throw a handful at the base of each plant.

The bushy plants you see on the left are my potato plants, which I’m still shocked even came up! If you look hard, you can see the long skinny onions, and at the top right of the photo is a sugar snap pea plant.

These are more potato plants, surrounding the white blossoms on one of my sugar snap pea plants.

Above, how my garden appeared this morning, 18 June. (If you see any weeds, I don’t wanna know about it. I’m not pulling anything, until I have a better feel for what’s a plant and what’s a weed.)

And below, how it looked on 23 May, less than a month ago. It appears my first attempt at growing vegetables is working! Wahoo!