Old Blue Faithful

Columbia County, New York  I  Thursday, 26 April 2018

Old Blue Faithful is about to bite the dust, and this makes me very, very sad.

What am I talking about? My favorite robe of course, the one which has been through thick (and lately, very thin) with me.

When I say thin, I certainly don’t mean my body, I mean the actual fabric of this old navy blue velour robe. For a few years now, I’ve noticed the material on the entire left sleeve is getting very thin, probably because I’ve preferred to sleep on my left side, ever since I was PG with Thing 1.

I didn’t own the robe then, though, I got the robe somewhere around 14 or 15 years ago, with a Sears gift card I’d been given.

What I liked most about it was the zipper. Robes which tie seem to need constant adjusting, and I don’t have enough patience for that!

I also liked the robe’s length, almost to the floor, and the slightly padded part over the breasts, which seems to camoflauge a bit when I’m not wearing a bra. TMI? Don’t care. This is my blog and I’m telling you, I go braless at bedtime.

But, speaking of that area of the robe, I’m sad to tell you a very worn spot is appearing on the left, so it’s becoming indecent. The right sleeve has also started to become thin, and now one shoulder is starting to go, as well.

I’m going to have to get a new robe, and I. Don’t. Wanna. This old robe has been such a comfort to me.

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more mindful. When I hang up my clothes in the closet at the end of the day (yes, I wear stuff quite a few times before I wash it), I take down my robe off the hook, and then I completely clear my mind.

I concentrate very hard on the wonderful feeling of comfort and happiness I feel when I slip my arms through the sleeves, pull it over my shoulders, and zip that old, soft, comfy robe, zip, zip, zippp it up.

It’s the best feeling, almost as good as a big hug from Thing 1 or Thing 2.

I know other people who are attached to their old robes, too. My sister has a blue-and-white wrap robe, made of thick cotton Asian material, one her son brought over from Japan.

But last time she visited, she didn’t bring it. She said she couldn’t wear it any more, it was getting so ripped…

And one time, when I was sitting around the kitchen table and chatting with my young friends, Annie and Laney, Annie told me her mom also has an old robe. She said it’s blue and full of holes…

I started to laugh, because even though Annie has never seen me at bedtime, she could have been describing ME in my robe.

I suppose I could take Old Blue Faithful apart and make a pattern from it. I have a sewing machine, but I really don’t know how to do much with it.

My new robe will be a lightweight velour, maybe green this time? And it will have 3/4 sleeves, so they don’t need to be rolled up when I wash the dishes.

I plan to wash the material many times, before I even begin to make the robe, so it will be preshrunk and already feel broken in.

What will happen to Old Blue Faithful? I’m not quite sure. I think I’ll salvage the good parts of it, and piece them into something, maybe a quilt, or some baby receiving blankets.

Because there’s just no way I could ever throw it away, we’ve been through too much together.