Pretty Place Settings for One

Columbia County, New York  I  Thursday, 5 April 2018

Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, and we break down, physically or emotionally.

Sometimes we’re busy just surviving from one day to the next, or busy taking care of our sick children, struggling spouses, aging parents, or friends who are having problems, and we forget to pay attention to ourselves.

I remember one time, quite a few years ago now, when I was up late at night with problems. (I don’t remember specifically what they were anymore.) I knew the morning was gonna be dreadfully rough and disappointing, so I decided to just stop for a minute and take care of myself.

I picked out some of my favorite and prettiest dishes, and set the table for one, planning out my breakfast. I don’t remember exactly what I ate, but I know a broiled grapefruit was involved. Fancy!

The day seemed so much more hopeful when I woke up, staggered out to the dining room, sleep deprived, and saw that pretty place setting, just waiting for me to fill it up. And gobble it down!

So here’s what I suggest, and hope you’ll give it a try.

Take some time the night before your own birthday, and set the table to a T. If you get up before everyone else, make it just for one. If you normally eat breakfast together as a family, then set it nicely for everyone.

It’s amazing how much more happily and smoothly your morning will go when you do this.

There are those other types of mornings, too. The mornings during a really rough week with moody teenagers, or a scary doctor’s appointment, a planned surgery for your spouse, after a painful breakup, or when you’re feeling desolate and disappointed about the hand life has played you.

These are the times when it’s most critical to take care of your own spirit and needs. Plan a breakfast of your favorite foods, and set the table like you would for company.

You’re worth it.