All My Cookies!

Columbia County, New York  I  Saturday, 31 March 2018







There’ve been a few times lately when I’ve wanted to bake cookies, without being sure exactly which recipe to choose.

So I’ve headed to my blog, but then had to do a keyword search for “cookies” and then scroll through all the recipes.

This seemed rather inconvenient, so I decided to make a new post which included my favorite photos of each type of cookie, and then the link to the original blogpost, which would include the recipe.

This might be a selfish post, one I did for myself. But maybe it might be helpful to you, too.

I’m also working on a Cookie Chart Centerfold.

Cookies in a centerfold? Now I’m sure you’re snickering to yourself and mumbling under your breath that COOKIES aren’t exactly what you imagine in a centerfold.

Let me explain.

Sometimes, shamefully, I’m out of a certain ingredient, like eggs or chocolate chips. But I want to make cookies. So I dig through all my recipes until I come up with one which doesn’t require the ingredient I’m lacking.

Besides, if I get the urge to make cookies at midnight, but I’m low on eggs (or out of them completely) I’m not going into town, and I’m certainly not borrowing from a neighbor at that hour.

So I decided to list all my cookie recipes, with a chart of ingredients, so it’d be really easy to see which ones require what.

What does the centerfold part have to do with it? Well, I thought it might be nice to create an old fashioned, printed cookbook of the recipes.

As much as I love blogs, both creating my own, as well as reading others’ posts, sometimes I really hate cooking from a screen.

You have to find counter space for your device, and make sure it’s plugged in. You have to worry about spills, and getting it dirty. You have to keep touching it with floury fingers, to scroll.

And in my case, I have a Chromebook, and the screen is oriented differently from a traditional book page. Yeah, it might be easier to cook from the screen of a tablet or a smartphone, which is oriented such that you can see your entire list of ingredients without having to scroll so much.

So, I’m thinking of printing up the recipes into a small booklet, and the ingredients would be the Cookie Chart Centerfold.

There’s just something nice about a traditional cookbook. But for now, here’s the links. Get your bake on, and enjoy!

Click on the shortlink to be rerouted to the original My Copper Kitchen post for each cookie, which includes the recipe.

Valerie’s Celestial Chocolate Chippers
first published August 19, 2015

JT’s Root Beer Cookies
First published October 14, 2016

Perle’s Molasses Crinkles
First published February 11, 2017

Lori’s Pumpkin Cookies
First published October 27, 2016

Martha’s Chewy Chocolate-Gingerbread Cookies
First published December 14, 2016

Claudine’s Carrot Cookies
first published May 27, 2015
(Yes, I know the pictures in this post aren’t facing the right direction, and it’s something I can’t figure out how to fix. Well, I DO know how to fix it, but it requires the original files for the photos, which I don’t have anymore.)