CHEAP SCORES: 2/14/2018

Columbia County, New York  I  Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Look what I got last week at Greenport, NY Goodwill!

My thrifting pit stop was after I got more of my favorite pens, Uniball Vision Elites, at Staples, and before I finally found some decent Indian food in this county!

This McCoy pitcher was originally $9.99, but had a yellow tag and was half off. For those of you who are math challenged, like me, haha, that’s $5.00.

This Edward Knowlton bowl is from 1941. It was originally $3.99. The pink tags were also on sale, so it ended up being $2.00.

These little, square, hardback books are all from 1970, and written by Bill Martin, Jr., author of Brown Bear, Brown Bear. They feature various illustrators and were 99 cents each. (Brown Bear is illustrated by the beloved Eric Carle.)

I recognized these little books immediately as being the same size and vintage as a book called The Haunted House, one of Thing 2’s favorites, which I scored years ago at Deseret Industries in Utah…

All in all it was, a great day!